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CSX Credit Suisse Digital Bank: Top oder Flop?

CSX Credit Suisse ist das neue digitale Angebot der CS. Doch hält es einem Vergleich mit Fintech Firmen stand? Warum klappte der Pre-Lauch nicht? Antworten finden Sie hier.
Blogger Statistics: Facts, numbers that matterCopyright: anyaberkut, ID No: 061299140

28 blogging statistics for 2021

Convincing your boss that blogging or posting on LinkedIn or Instagram makes sense for the bottom line requires statistics. We have 28 important facts about corporate blogging to share with you. These show why and how your content marketing…
Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemie

Covid-19: Facts about coronavirus

Coronavirus Covid-19: In times like this, it is imperative to look at facts in order to prevent unnecessary hysteria and a spread of fake news.
John Kerry spricht mit TeilnehmerInnen, Theresa May erklärt, Bob Moritz PWC hört zu und Ernst Welteke überlegt sich eine Antwort ...

WEF 2020 Davos: Climate Change Dialogue – but is it enough?

WEF 2020 Davos: Climate protection is written in capital letters, but among the many high-ranking people there are few who set a good example...
Kommunikation: Gleicher Inhalt, unterschiedliche Aufbereitung für Print und Digital.

What are the challenges of communciation?

Corporate communication orchestrates symbols, behaviours and content or information. It aims at creating a favourable point of view in the minds of the organisation’s stakeholders. Nevertheless, with ever more channels, communicating effectively is getting to be ever more challenging...

WordCamp Zurich: Cost-Benefit Analysis for such an event

Thanks to Word-of-Mouth I was at #WordPress #Wordcamp or short #WCZRH. Innovation, technology and new ideas were many. Here are some impressions, photos and my cost-benefit analysis...

Switzerland and cryptos: More trouble in blockchain land?

Financial supervisor FINMA awarded banking and dealing permits to blockchain service providers Sygnum, in Zurich, and Zug-based Seba, a partner of listed bank Julius Baer. Can they satisfy anti-money laundering? They dreams may crumble to dust.
Am Scheideweg. Alte Marke neu positionieren oder neue Marke aufziehen? Was darf es sein?

Brand relaunch

Have you ever been in a situation where you were responsible for a brand change? Or where you were responsible for a rebranding project? Then you know very well how difficult this can be. By the way, you are not alone - others have a hard time…
We have to learn from others that do know more than we do. That can be far from easy for some people to accept.

The pros and cons of rebranding

Your corporate rebrand is probably a waste of time. If your brand is to take on a new identity — understanding the pros and cons of rebranding is critical. Success of a rebranding strategy depends on the planning and execution. Don't miss the latest about Marketing - Subscribe.

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