Making a movie for your blog: the best social media marketing strategy, youtube video marketing

Video marketing: 4 tips to avoid trouble

2nd part of the series about Marketing Videos tells more secrets about: The equipment, professionals you need, legalities and the best shooting location. Don't miss the latest about Marketing - Subscribe.

Video Marketing: 4 tips for relevant content

This is the 1st of 3 blog entries about marketing videos. Why a video, what target audience, what goal to achieve and what content? Preparation helps. We have answers for you. Don't miss the latest about Video and Content Marketing - Subscribe.

6 cherries on top: Great service for better holidays

Tourists are asked ever more to like a site on Facebook or write a review on TripAdvisor for a hotel, museum, etc. But do I want to leave an evaluation? Does the site staff want to know the truth? Don't miss the latest about Marketing - Subscribe.
Developing an expert system: Much work, many challenges, challenging job. | Copyright iStock 912613902

AI: What makes a system expert?

Artificial Intelligence is used ever more. Amazon, Google, Apple and others use AI to serve their clients better. Does the AI system have a deeper understanding of the meaning underlying the picture or task? Find out. Don't miss the latest about Artificial Intelligence and Marketing - Subscribe.
Nadja Schnetzler from the digital newspaper Republic (crowdfunded start-up), and former CEO of Airtel Ghana Lucy Quest discussing matters during lunch break.

Influencer marketing: Better do it right

Influencer marketing is being talked about a lot. How influential are these influencers and what metrics should we use? Trying to sell is the wrong approach. Don't miss the latest intell. Subscribe to our Blog Newsletter.
Urs E. Gattiker and Herbert Towning having fun making movies.

LomMedical CEO: Making the best video

Video clips are an important tool for businesses to get their message across. When filming a corporate video with the CEO a few good things can happen. Don't miss the latest intell. Subscribe to our Newsletter.
Trends and forecasts: Marketing strategy and metrics.

2018 marketing trends: Sharing economy grows

From cars to pets, from music to textbooks and for finding love online. Sharing and renting is becoming ever more popular. Don't miss the latest intell. Subscribe to our Newsletter.
Augmented marketing services can make our lives easier but automation can result in undesirable outcomes | Copyright: Death to Stock Photo, 2200

What is marketing automation ?

At its lowest level it enables the automation of repetitive tasks, lie mail replies to customer requests. At a next level, marketing experts use programmable tools such as a chatbot. The result in such a case is a single correct answer (i.e. deterministic outome, deliver my Pizza Margherita). But will this enable us to have Japan's bento lunchboxes filled by a robot?
Strawberries - 2 days on the shelf and these fruit will show and taste accordingly | Public Domain USDA | Photographer: Brian Prechtel

Amazon, Walmart, Carrefour: The winner is?

Growth-hungry Amazon plots India pantry raid. Carrefour and Walmart are at a crossroad with business model. Aldi and Lidl marching to a diff. drum => profitability.

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