VW BP Daimler Toyota Mitsubishi Why do companies risk their reputation?

Brand image and reputation: VW pays dearly for #Dieselgate

VW's #dieselgate and Mitsubushi's fuel-emissions scandal. Can these brands be saved? How quickly will consumers trust these firms again?
Check the original research first, before you re-tweet the URL

4 habits of highly successful bloggers

Storytelling results in reader engagement. True or false? Dare to take a guess? Best science is a good start. Thus, great bloggers get the facts right.
Pray for Ilayda Yildiz #helpilayda

#helpilayda crowdfunding campaign: Interview

We interviewed Ilayda's dad for this blog post. We asked him about his feelings, ups and downs. Your donation makes THE difference b/w life or death for Ilayda.

Crowdfunding campaign: Save Ilayda

For 92% of leukemia patients this therapy is successful. However, neither German nor Swiss health insurance pays for it. Your donation makes THE difference b/w life or death for Ilayda.
Math-myopia and Prince Harry: do these numbers from Red Bull about performance enhancements make sense?

Drinking Red Bull boosts job performance

Sleep at least 7 hours a night. Will this help improve my performance? Can you trust the numbers? How to make good guesses and win the game.
Doing an opinion poll: Interviewing subject at door

Yes Virginia, pollsters really are wrong

The right sample size matters. Can you trust the numbers? Are those that will likely vote participating in our poll? 6 EASY ways to check if the pollsters' numbers add up !

Top 100 Blogs for NFL Fans 2016

Who has the best blog? #NFL Teams compete against fans. The 2016 winner of the social media #SuperBowl 50 is? Brands are getting more social, while NFL teams fall back on broadcasting. Super Bowl by the numbers.
The best corporate blogger meet at the World Economic Forum Davos 2016

WEF Davos 2016: Top 100 CEO bloggers

What can we learn from the best CEO bloggers? Learn how to build a personal brand FASTER, while focusing on listening. Elon Musk, Tesla struggles, Christine Lagard IMF excels.

WEF Davos 2016: Talk is cheap

Why does WEF enjoy so little dialog with readers? Does WEF Davos staff fail Klaus Schwab? What can be done to improve the public's resonance to this year's theme? Is it too late? 3 mistakes that need to be fixed RIGHT NOW.

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