Hidden ad costs: Google’s not mobile?

In Canada, Japan and the U.S., most search traffic Google registers on its site comes from people using mobile devices. But how much do mobile ads affect users' smartphone? Slow down network traffic? Put a drain on your battery life? Lower one's user experience? Key take-away #1: Google is rolling out mobile ads in the hope to get a larger share of the advertising pie. ==> Get the Rest => 3 take-aways about smartphones and advertising
Narcissism results in much more broadcasting and VERY little engagement on social networks

How to recruit LinkedIn talent

You have a job opening? Just post it on social networks. Of course, you will be flooded with qualified people submitting their application. NOT. We discuss, how social networks and connections combined with effective networking can help you find a job quicker. We explain this with research data and examples from companies you know. But:
First, cut down the size of your network of social connections...
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Dolce & Gabbana: When reputation damages brand

Madonna entered the Elton John-Dolce & Gabbana feud over their controversial IVF comments. But how do such things affect the brand. Does it lower Dolce & Gabbana's reputation with their clients? Should they care or just smile like Benetton did with its outrageous ads that caused plenty of public outcries during the nineties? Here is how it works ! Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to the rescue of Dolce & Gabanna.

Bankers and bloggers: Whom do we trust?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's pimping trial has started in Lille, France. HSBC files show how Swiss bank helped clients dodge taxes and hide millions. This happened during Lord Green's watch as HSBC boss. The above raises questions about bankers' ethics. Moreover, if you cannot trust your banker who manages your money, who can you? What about your social media officer and corporate blogger? Trust is hard to get and quickly lost. So why are so many social media gurus and bloggers careless with their reputation?

NFL Super Bowl XLIX: Best 100 American football blogs

Who runs the best blog for American Football experts and fans like yourself? Seahawks, Patriots or ...? We tell you right here.

WEF Davos 2015: Top 100 CEO bloggers

Is your CEO a blogger? What about those CEO's attending WEF Davos - Any Blogger ?

Klaus Schwab, not! Bill Gates yes but... Li Keyiang or Paul Achleitner? John Gapper or Patrick Pouyanné? Yes and no...

Do they broadcast or are they Web 2.0 savvy, thereby, having a real dialogue with readers?

Find out and be surprised from these results! Here is the official and only DrKPI Benchmark for the Top 100 CEO Bloggers.

Facebook, viral marketing or #wef15 – why benchmark ?

Benchmarks can make your life easier. Using them, guides you when making decisions about various choices, such as: 1. take Klaus Schwab up on his invitation to join WEF 2015 at Davos, 2. spend time and money on a viral, buzz or word-of-mouth marketing campaign, or 3. improve one's love life by using Facebook? Click on title to read more and view the slides. A cost-benefit analysis guided by a social media audit helps your bottom line!

Making word-of-mouth marketing work

Latest updates about word-of-mouth and viral marketing Viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and buzz marketing are buzzwords that get used ever more often by social media 'experts.' But is it really science or more luck than anything? Red Bull shares its secret about buzz marketing in this blog post. Psy points out why luck played a big role in making his video about Gangnam Style so successful. Finally, the DrKPI case illustrates that true word-of-mouth marketing is a slow process. Click on title to watch the video and view the slides!

Data analytics: Lessons learned from Ebola

In the battle against deadly diseases, mobile phones could be invaluable because of the data they generate. In fact, if we had listened to these data, we could have saved lives. To avoid this tragic mistake next time an epidemic hits, we must overcome 3 hurdles quickly. Help us save lives!

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