Jana Akyildiz and Urs E. Gattiker - Worblingen and Zurich - designing our new product - Brand Buzz Analytics

Summary: Communication by email, Skype or Google Talk is nothing new these days.
But a purposeful, structured face to face meeting in pleasant surroundings achieved the push we needed today.
A couple of thoughts about where communication strategy is going… and ideas for you, Reader.

I first heard the term ‘virtual organisation’ in the late nineties. We were working on a project with colleagues in Canada, Denmark, and Estonia. A tool like Skype was just the thing then, since it made communication easier.

These days, that’s all old hat. A lot has changed since then. Most organisations use different communication tools. Sometimes picking up the phone is still the easiest, saving us many emails and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Nevertheless, a face to face meeting is often most helpful – this time it only took me a short trip on public transport to Germany.

We wanted to meet and talk about the books and our project planning. Also up for discussion was how to improve our processes and working efficiency, etc.

Today’s work was crossborder – Zürich / Rielasingen-Worblingen. That is to say, I was at our branch in Rielasingen-Worblingen.

1. Brand Buzz Analytics

Our new product has been giving a good showing, but it still needs a good Web debut. In addition to the analytical possibilities, there are also creative ones that can be put to good use. Our preliminary comparisons and reports show that our data collection can be done even more efficiently.

Big Data is such a thing. Often, we have much more data than we actually need, but other times, one may be unaware of this fact.

In our case, we have the right data (the contents of thousands of websites), which we could put to even better use to show the manifestation of market forces.

2. Influencer Analytics


Here, our challenge is making the website even more user-friendly. Of course, we have to be sure to do that without sacrificing the visual aspect.

As usual, our colleagues at our Finnish branch take care of the technical implementation, but they were unable to attend today’s meeting. Still, they are hard at work and have assured us that the office’s fourth desk is close to completion in the garden.

Im finnischen Büro in Syöte ist der Werner am Zimmern.

Werner is hard at work – carpentry, that is – at our Finnish branch in Syöte.

Still, we decided to improve our influencer analytics and data processing. When it comes to usability there’s still quite a bit of room for improvement.

3. Content Marketing: DrKPI Hotel – Lite and Pro Versions

In tourism, New options are now possible for smaller hotels thanks to digital channels. But they must also be used, especially since, according to the latest national statistics, hotel stays are on the decline in Switzerland and Germany.

We are preparing DrKPI Hotel, both Lite and Pro versions, for independent-owned accommodations and vacation rentals.

But first, we need to clarify a couple of things, such as:

  • How can we include a booking system, such as WooCommerce, more efficiently in our solution?
  • How do we enable the end-user to choose between several price points (e.g. a room or a suite, high season or low, etc.)?

Not so easy, because e-commerce systems do not offer options specifically meant for independently-owned operations, nor for vacation rentals in general.

The usability leaves much to be desired, but this is where we must focus our attention, because the vacancy rate in Switzerland averages about 60%, which makes it impossible for many businesses to continue operating.

Digital marketing can certainly lend a hand there; our solutions are already in the testing stage and will soon be implemented by clients. Until then, we have a list of things to improve.

4. WordPress optimisation

Every WordPress user is familiar with this issue – the oppression of choice! There are numerous WordPress templates, and often no single one is exactly what we want, so customisation is key. The challenge is finding the time and the money.

No one wants to waste time, which would also incur unnecessary costs, cutting into the bottom line and certainly disappointing a client. This is where finding a compromise would be ideal for everyone involved. Our job is to narrow it down by figuring out which of the templates appeal to the client.

More importantly, though not easy to explain, is what will best serve one’s target audience. Which template, with appropriate customisations, is the best solution for the client’s target group? Can the end-user find the information they need quickly and easily?

This often requires persuasion, by showing the client how one template is better suited than the other, and achieves the larger objective. Direct contact with the target audience is often very helpful here, as it allows us to experience what works well, is easy to operate, gets used, and what doesn’t work, through the target group’s interaction with, and navigation of a website.

This a challenge that must be met, which is why we are currently optimising our procedures.

Susanne Mueller Zantop, Founder and Chairwoman, CEO Positions AG: Gattiker is a blog specialist, who comes across as a slightly dotty professor, but knows his subject matter intimately. He has even managed to make the Caritas blog an exciting, popular online destination – and it’s not as if their subject matter is particularly cheerful.


Email is a great communications tool, but it often requires a lot of back and forth to ensure everyone is on the same page. Skype or FaceTime can help with that, and so can the good old telephone.

When it comes to complexities, however, a face to face meeting still can’t be beat. The day of our meeting was highly productive, and we’re certain that it will provide our clients several new benefits. We also found that being prepared, directing our focus, and meeting in pleasant surroundings made our day even more productive.

Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and we all have our assignments, which should be completed as quickly as possible, though no later than September 5.

Of course, what we’re particularly keen to learn about is your opinion:

  • How do you solve the usability/user-friendlisness challende for your product, such as a small appliance, machine, train, chair, etc.?
  • What do you consider to be the biggest challenge(s) when it comes to usefulness and usability for websites, e-commerce portals, etc.?
  • How do you increase the effectiveness of team meetings in your organisation?
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  1. Rolf Siebold
    Rolf Siebold says:

    Many thanks for your support with our new Alpiq InTec blog for trainees and apprentices at http://alpiq-skills.com !

    Due to your team’s competent advisory work, the #AlpiqInTec Blog has excelled and moved up in the DrKPI BlogRank. We have mastered this difficult challenge and our dialogue marketing has improved signficiantly.

    Azubi Blog Alpiq InTec macht das Rennen

    What we love particularly is your weekly report that tells us exactly, what thinks we have to tweak how to best improve our performance when it comes to creating headlines, images, semantics, etc.

    A super thing for helping our work in vocational training.


    Rolf Siebold
    Manager Vocational Education Alpiq InTec Group of companies

    • Urs E. Gattiker
      Urs E. Gattiker says:

      Dear Rolf

      Thanks so much for your positive feedback about our work in our blog entry right here.
      Naturally, we were pleased to read that you find our tool useful and work with it weekly. Best is that it helps you with your important work regarding recruiting and training apprentices at the Alpiq InTec group of companies.

      Best I find, of course that your blog has been going up in the rankings for the last 2 years. Step by step your marketing content approach is yielding better results. Of course, this helps improve content marketing while fostering engagement and dialogue with your target audience.

      Azubi Blog der Alpiq InTec nutzt den DrKPI BlogRank.

      Above graphic can be viewed here – DrKPI BlogRank

      The chart, for instance, illustrates that the blog’s performance has been consistently good over the months and nudged toward the top as well. This I find exciting, of course.

      Most important is that you are bucking the trend of ever less dialogue in corporate blogs. You seem to manage in one way or the other to get some feedback and resonance for your posts. This indicates that your target audience seems to care besides helping you in Google search rankings.

      Even in social sharing where most companies are experiencing a downward trend unless they pay and advertise for their content you buck the trend.
      Again, your trend line is moving in the right direction.

      I am sure you and your team will continue the good work for the #AlpieInTec Blog for #Azubi and look forward to great content being published on your blog in the future.

      Thanks again.

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