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Summary: We published a #DrKPI WEF Davos blogger ranking for 20152016, and 2017.
This year we attended #WEF19 in Davos in person – a good reason to post another #DrKPI #BlogRank of the top 100 CEO blogs.
This post presents the 2019 rankings.

Being fashionable is transient, but public facing corporate blogs are here to stay. To illustrate,

53% of Fortune 500 and 55% of Inc 500 firms in the US have public facing blogs. Source: Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

53% of Fortune 500 and 55% of Inc 500 firms in the US have public facing blogs. Source: Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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Every year the road to Davos is littered with companies that once appeared all-powerful, but later stumbled. For instance, former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was an avid blogger until recently, and she is no longer attending WEF Davos. New people are showing up and telling us that going public and sharing experiences is each company’s, and its managers’, responsibility.

By the way, as in past years, climate change was an issue at this year’s WEF – naturally. Although we did not attend any of those sessions, we did our part by having the team use public transit, including taking the train to and from Davos. In Davos itself, we took the WEF shuttle or walked from one venue to the next.

World Economic Forum: Authentic CEOs aplenty

This year part of our team scored an invite and had a chance to visit the World Economic Forum. We had a great time and met some famous CEOs, including Jamie Dimon and Satya Nadella. So, we thought we would share some of our thoughts right here, and publish an updated #DrKPI #BlogRank for #WEFdavos in 2019.

iVault at Davos 2019: Jamie Dimon and Vault Security Systems AG

iVault at Davos 2019: Jamie Dimon and Vault Security Systems AG

Is blogging easy? Depends on who you ask. Most people think it’s easy – you just write a little, and that’s all there is to it. Personally, I think it requires a lot of time, attention, and creativity. And like anything creative, it has its moments of difficulty. But if we look at those attending Davos, one wonders.

The Harvard Business Review rankings of the top CEOs suggest that one key skill of these high performers is their ability to get their message across very effectively. But what about blogging? If a growing number of Fortune 500 companies have public facing blogs, their CEOs must know the drill. Right?

Well actually, we get a mixed picture, and once again, it depends on who you ask. CEOs may talk the talk, but many – like Stephanie Buscemi (log in with your email first, then click on this again to get the numbers) – fail to walk the walk.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Salesforce chief marketing officer Stephanie Buscemi said companies need to have a "point of view".

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Salesforce chief marketing officer Stephanie Buscemi said companies need to have a “point of view”.


While Salesforce may have a “point of view”, I certainly can’t figure out from her blog what Stephanie Buscemi stands for. Trumpeting her company’s products using marketing mumbo-jumbo isn’t exactly on topic, is it…
Does it present added value? I’m going to go with a big, fat, NO.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Apple CEO Tim Cook were pictured at dinner in Davos with Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

Whenever he has the opportunity, Satya Nadella talks about our need for a global GDPR, and privacy being a human right. He did so in interviews and also during his WEF speech this year – but he fails to outline his position on his Microsoft blog. Another missed opportunity.

This is a blog that cries out for care, attention, and authenticity. Of the latter, Nadella has a whole truckload, so why doesn’t anyone at Microsoft help him translate it onto his blog for readers’ – or customers’ – benefit?

Satya Nadella asserted that there needs to be a GDPR for the world.

Satya Nadella asserted that there needs to be a GDPR for the world.


Microsoft CEO wants a GDPR for the world. Maybe he should follow Stephanie Buscemi’s advice, and get a “point of view”.

Nadella surely has one. He also stands behind it. But a blog telling us a bit more about what he feels and how his company tackles this challenge would be helpful. What his PR staff is managing to spread is totally unauthentic statements… Another lost opportunity to hear from a CEO directly about such an important topic.

[su_box title=”World Economic Forum Davos: 4 things that distinguish successful c-suite bloggers from the rest – NOW 6 facts” box_color=”#86bac5″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″ width=”px 700″ ]

Two years back we suggested:

    1. Staying on topic,
    2. Posting regularly,
    3. Answering reader comments, and
    4. Benchmarking your blog (seeing what works best for you).

This year we could maybe add

  • Being authentic,
  • Avoiding navel gazing or inward-looking entries… provide your audience with added value.

Incidentally, added value is unlikely to mean talking about your company’s product. Unfortuntely, Salesforce chief marketer Stephanie Buscemi does just that – about every 6 months or so.

As a marketing guru, your main job is to know what clients want. As well, you need to make sure that know-how flows into product development. But posts touting your company’s product do not cut the mustard.


Ranking CEO (top management) bloggers for WEF Davos 2019

CLICK on IMAGE - DrKPI - Top 100 CEO bloggers.We publish our DrKPI BlogRank: Top 100 CEO Bloggers every year (find more on the website).

These numbers can be at your fingertips! Just bookmark this entry – Top blogs of Davos 2019 | World Economic Forum from DrKPI® BlogRank, and you are all set.

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Here are the links you need:

  1. Overall list – WEF Davos 2019 Top 100 CEO bloggers – Christine Lagarde – IMF
  2. Details – Content Strategy – WEF Davos 2019 Top 100 CEO bloggers – Arman Sarhaddar – Vault Security Systems
  3. Details – Brand Image and Impact – WEF Davos 2019 Top 100 CEO Bloggers – Erna Solberg – Prime Minister of Norway
  4. Details – Conversation and Social Sharing – WEF Davos 2019 Top 100 CEO Bloggers – Ron Tolido – Capgemini

Check out the table below!

Erna Solbgerg does not link to other material on the web, her blog is about her opinions. Christine Lagarde has co-authors whom she publishes with, saves her time while ensuring high-quality content. Arman Sarhaddar has just started as a blogger, but does very well.

And another thing, why have a blog when you do not allow your readers to comment? Even if you do you will not get that many since it takes time and effort. Oh, and thought.

By the way, Mr. Edelman – successful blogger in previous years – no longer blogs and the website is a useability nightmare.


Here are some other things to consider.

[su_box title=”World Economic Forum Davos: 3 beginner mistakes even pros make.” box_color=”#86bac5″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″ width=”px 700″ ]

1. A Hashtag strategy is a must

The WEF has put out the #WEF19 hashtag, but most people cannot find it on its website. Many others are also being used, such as  #Davos2019. Whatever you do, use at least three hashtags to make your post easy to find.

Tweet about this post or share it on LinkedIn. Here’s an example of how this could work using hashtags:

#DrKPI’s annual #WEF #BlogRank with #metrics2watch:
for the Top 100 #CEO #Blogger at #WEFdavos #WEF19 #Davos2019

2. Blogging or sharing content in a high-walled garden is not smart. Really.

I appreciate all CEOs that share their thoughts and off the cuff remarks on, for instance, LinkedIn. But let us not forget, you are more likely to reach those that think like you do (fellow managers, CEOs, wannabes and so forth) in an echo chamber or a fenced yard like LinkedIn.

Is that really the target group of customers that you want to or must reach? Probably not. As if this is not reason enough, no search engine will index your entry on LinkedIn and within a day or two, people will be unable to find it on this platform.

So get your own blog and curate content that interests your target audience(s) by providing them added value.

3. Preventing the crawling of your site does not help

Some bloggers do a great job (e.g., Christine Lagarde). But please, make sure your robots.txt file is set up so search engines can crawl and index your blog. I’m looking at you, Christine.

Of course, George Colony: The Counterintuitive CEO may not care, since he is already famous. But for those of you who aren’t famous (yet), beware… Here is some help for non-geeks on how to set up your robots.txt file correctly.[/su_box]

Have your say –  join the conversation

Source: WEF Davos 2019: Top 100 CEO bloggers

What is your opinion?

– Who is your favorite top management, c-suite or CEO blogger?
– What would you recommend a CEO blogger such as Jean-Pascal Tricoire (CEO of Schneider Electric) do to get more reader comments (8,000 reads BUT 0 reader comments)?
– Since it takes Elon Musk six days to go from having an idea to its execution, what would you recommend he do to revive his stale blog?

More about DrKPI BlogRank – the Hit Parade

Declaration of Conflicting Interests

The author declares that he had no conflict of interest with respect to the content, authorship or publication of this blog entry.

[su_box title=”WEF Davos 2017 Top 100 Bloggers: How it works” box_color=”#86bac5″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″ width=”px 700″ ]
We did not just gather the over 100 CEO / c-suite blogs we liked best. Instead, our DrKPI® BlogRank picked those that feature the most informative, knowledgeable and experience-driven insights, using objective indicators.

We also analyse writing style and visual effects, as well as how much reader engagement, dialogue and ripple is generated by marketing content published on the blog.

100 is the highest possible grade for each indicator. The average within the group of blogs being ranked or all blogs (see table below) is 50.

Top 100 CEO blogs

Learn more about the table from the above blog entry below.

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WEF Davos 2019 - the top CEO bloggers - the best of the corporate blogcrowd from DrKPI BlogRank.

WEF Davos 2019 – the top CEO bloggers – thebest of the corporate blogcrowd from DrKPI BlogRank.

See some Kodak moments from WEF 2019 below

[su_carousel source=”media:5653,5652,5651,5650,5649,5648, 5647,5646,5645,5644,5643,5642,5641,5640,5638,5639″ link=”image” target=”blank” responsive=”yes” title=”no” arrows=”yes” pages=”no” mousewheel=”yes”speed=”1500″]

… or our impressions video for iVAULT, the brand by Vault Security Systems AG here:

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  1. TTainaTT
    TTainaTT says:

    Dear DrKPI Team,

    Blockchains will turn the world upside down in just a few years
    That is just my 2 cents…

    But I have two questions:
    1. Why do CEOs let their blogs stay unattended… like a garden that nobody tends to…?
    2. How can a CEO get into the spirit of blogging again, being motivated.

    I am curious to read your answer Urs.

    • Urs E. Gattiker
      Urs E. Gattiker says:

      Hi Taina

      Thanks for stopping by. I try to answer your 2 questions, even though neither are they easy :-) nor am i an oracle…BUT you ask:

      1. Why do CEOs let their blogs stay unattended… like a garden that nobody tends to…?
      2. How can a CEO get into the spirit of blogging again, being motivated.

      Answer 1: I think every CEO is pressed for time and in larger organizations the PR team does probably much what needs to be done for communicating his or her vision to the public. Likely a very good job indeed but…
      Authenticity is the buzzword these days and if you have a topic that interests very many people such as data protection and privacy and take a radical stand – Microsoft CEO Nadella

      Answer 2:
      I think Ms. Lagarde is a great example of how a busy CEO can do a great job.
      A while back she began to have co-authors. I also found out that these co-authors are usually experts on the topic she is writing about in a particular blog post.
      Accordingly, the expertise about the field or topic being addressed is provided by the co-author who also brings in the links to additional material relevant to the topic.
      In turn, Ms. Lagarde achieves two great objectives for her institution and herself
      a – depth and quality is provided with the topic expert being a co-author that spends time/hours on drafting the post;
      b – Ms Lagarde spends maybe a couple of hours on the post and makes sure its tonality reflects her voice and assures that her strategic vision is part of the entry.

      The result is a blog that is alive….
      Hope this is useful

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    • Urs E. Gattiker
      Urs E. Gattiker says:

      Dear Bob
      Interesting but it seems this has little if anything to do with engagement, social voice or whatever you like to call it.
      instead you are spreading your stuff like spam.
      Another person who wants to be heard in the every noisier social web. Unfortunately, you are sending and polluting the airwaves with garbage.
      If the cab service you spam for is as bad as your way of doing dialogue and sharing your ideas, I surely do not want to get one of your cabs.
      Incidentally, Davos does not need cabs but people who start saving energy themselves by changing their behavior pronto.
      Check this out:
      Happy cruising.

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