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  1. KBZ Brucelius
    KBZ Brucelius says:

    Thanks for this very interesting blog entry about lawyers and their blogs.
    One thing I wonder is how one chooses. There are so many and their content is great.

    PS. I found one missing http://www.awaipblog.com/ (Swedish law blog worth checking out)

    • Urs E. Gattiker
      Urs E. Gattiker says:

      Dear Brucelius

      Thanks so much for this pointer. No we did not have that one already in the blog list. So per your suggestion I entered it right here at http:

      You can view these data about the Awapatent blog probably by tomorrow morning: DrKPI Blog Benchmark data (click to get data)

      Thanks so much for adding this important information. We hope to get many more to make this list much better.

  2. Amanda Ruano
    Amanda Ruano says:

    Dear Urs

    This article was really informative.
    Being a law student I enjoy reading such articles.
    Please, keep on sharing such beautiful articles related to LAW and Order.
    I look forward getting the next ranking.

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