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Who are the 'legal eagles' of law blogging?
Who dominates the law blog scene?
What are the 100 most influential legal blogs?

Check out the DrKPI benchmark about recruiting and NFL football, plus the top 100 fashion blogs.

The world of lawyers loves a ranking; top lawyer listings are a staple of the industry. Unfortunately, as the ranking published by the Business Insider points out, the methods used are questionable at best:

This ranking is subjective. Business Insider ranked the blogs based on which blogs we read the most frequently to stay on top of the day’s legal news.

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This also applies to the FT Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2015 ranking. For instance, how inter-rater reliability was assured remains a mystery, as illustrated by the image below.

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Methodology matters because…

That these rankings matter is obvious. One just needs to read how often bloggers – i.e. lawyers – mention them when they place at or close to the top.

But rankings are based on ratings. How we rate a blog and its content matters. Unfortunately, it is being done very sloppily. This then results in criticism, such as:

“That’s just one of the never-ending legion of phony awards offered lawyers to put on their walls for clients foolish enough to believe that it makes one a better lawyer…” Scott H. Greenfield – Simple Justice

The American Bar Association has published a top law blog ranking with its ABA Journal, but it is at best a subjective popularity contest, becaus it is based on:

1. a pre-selection of blogs by the editorial team (i.e. subjective), which is then
2. voted on by readers (i.e. popularity).

In this case, the assumption is that editors will know whom to pre-select and, most importantly, the crowd knows best. But what criteria are used?

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The above is based on data from a source that ignores mobile traffic. However, according to Google, this is not a wise strategy.

Avvo uses a similar approach. It is also based on visitor traffic that excludes any mobile users or those using business PCs to surf.

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Others develop a research methodology that is apparently unique. Reuters got a patent for a selection process for determining the top lawyers = US Pat. No. 8412564. It basically protects a methodology that anybody can follow using pen and paper (see Bob Ambrogi for a critique).

It follows that any researcher should get a patent for their research methodology. Makes no sense, does it?

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But if a tool is not to be trusted, why should I use it to rank 30 blogs? Moreover, does such an inaccurate tool warrant calling one’s results a benchmark? Does this criterion for ranking blogs even warrant the label ‘benchmark’? The Am Law report thinks so (PDF file, 760 KB download).

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Nothing to hide

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We have nothing to hide and we trust in the quality of our benchmark. Thus we give free access to the historical data and detailed methodologies of our users. We do this for our clients and our competitors.

Like more than 12,000 current users, you can register for free without restrictions for the DrKPI Blog Benchmark. It will help you double reader comments in a few months, while increasing social shares by 50 percent – CHECK US OUT NOW!

Here is a list of these lawyer blogs. Is yours missing? Add a comment below and we will ensure it gets included within 48 hours.
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Get the list:
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Ranking blogs and putting together benchmarks for clients has taught us a few things. Primarily, how one can improve a corporate blog.

When you want to improve your law firm’s blog, please consider these three tips.

1. Conversation and dialog is key

Blogs give your readers, such as clients, the chance to join the conversation. They can take the time and leave a thoughtful comment.

Hence, having many blogs for your practice (e.g., DLA Piper) is great, but disabling the reader comment function is unfortunate. It is neither Web 2.0 nor would it suggest you want to hear what your potential clients have to say about things.

Honestly, is this the message DLA Piper wants to give its clients?

2. Make it easy for your target audience

So you have decided to have 10, 20 or even 30 blogs for your various fields of expertise. Congratulations! And yes, please strut your stuff by writing great content for these blogs.

Nevertheless, Baker & McKenzie needs to give me an easy way to find these blogs. How about a page listing all blogs? Otherwise I have to hunt on my mobile to find the blog that interests me – talk about a needless battery drain!

Do you value your clients’ time so much that you let them waste it on finding your valuable content?

3. Long tail matters

So your blogger team left and went to another firm.

Yes, closing a blog down is unfortunate. Worst is if you fail to communicate why you shut a blog down. Showing a reader an empty page  (e.g., “This blog has been taken offline…”) is not the right way to do it.

If you had to do it, please follow the example of Norton Rose Fulbright LLP. The firm prepared a final page informing readers of its closing down the Social Media Law Bulletin.

Seriously, why take your blog offline? Did the experts at Norton Rose Fulbright LLP no longer have anything interesting to say? Impossible, right?

What is your favourite blog?

Please let us know in a comment below and provide the blog’s URL. We will gladly add it to our database.
– Which lawyer blog is your favourite?
– Which blog do you read regularly and why?

By the way, if you leave a comment with a link to your lawyer blog, you’ll get your personalised DrKPI benchmark report free via email!

Have a question? Ask it below and I will answer it personally, guaranteed. I love feedback.

Declaration of conflicting interests: The author declares that he has no conflicts of interest with respect to his authorship or the publication of this DrKPI Benchmark article.

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  1. KBZ Brucelius
    KBZ Brucelius says:

    Thanks for this very interesting blog entry about lawyers and their blogs.
    One thing I wonder is how one chooses. There are so many and their content is great.

    PS. I found one missing http://www.awaipblog.com/ (Swedish law blog worth checking out)

    • Urs E. Gattiker
      Urs E. Gattiker says:

      Dear Brucelius

      Thanks so much for this pointer. No we did not have that one already in the blog list. So per your suggestion I entered it right here at http:

      You can view these data about the Awapatent blog probably by tomorrow morning: DrKPI Blog Benchmark data (click to get data)

      Thanks so much for adding this important information. We hope to get many more to make this list much better.

  2. Amanda Ruano
    Amanda Ruano says:

    Dear Urs

    This article was really informative.
    Being a law student I enjoy reading such articles.
    Please, keep on sharing such beautiful articles related to LAW and Order.
    I look forward getting the next ranking.

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