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  1. Gail Hale
    Gail Hale says:

    Dear Urs
    Interesting blog entry.
    The method you describe does explain nicely about how difficult it is to have content go viral with the help of Viral Marketing.

    Nevertheless, Email marketing has assisted me a lot also, while doing Viral Marketing.

    • Urs E. Gattiker
      Urs E. Gattiker says:

      Dear Gail
      Thanks so much for coming back to us with a comment. Incidentally, we have an update on this post right here:

      5 steps for creating viral content ==>http://blog.drkpi.com/social-media-marketing-2/

      It outlines some of the factors in more detail.

      But specifally may question to you Gail is:

      How exactly has e-mail-marketing assisted with viral marketing? Can you explain this in more detail please.

      Thanks so much

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