Update 2016-02-05 – Super Bowl: The best NFL blogs for fans

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Team-written blogs or fan blogs?

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NFL and Blogging

NFL and Blogging

1. The best NFL blog?

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What is your prediction for Super Bowl 2015? What are the odds for this championship game?

Super Bowl 49 will be played out on SUnday, February 1, 2015 by the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

Instead of discussing the odds, predictions and more about the upcoming championship game, I thought we would share the winners and losers of the NFL Blogosphere.

Top 10 rankings January 2014

We did a ranking in 2014 and the winners were:

1. The Buffalo Bills, who already did very well in the 2013 rankings.
3. Richard Eisen, an American television journalist who works for the NFL Network.
4. Arizona Cardinals
5. Houston Texans
7. Green Bay Packers

None of the teams playing in Super Bowl XLVIII appeared in the top 10.

Top football blogs for 2014: DrKPI Benchmarks the NFL

Top 10 rankings January 2015

The Champions League football final in Europe is the most-watched annual television event in the world. Trailing just behind it is American football’s Super Bowl.

A look at the cost of 30 seconds of ad time during the event shows that the Super Bowl defninitely tops the Champions League final (click image for more).


Who are the biggest ad spenders?
How much money are you spending for your 30-second TV ad during the Super Bowl?

But since 2013, many NFL teams have closed their blogs. For instance, the New England Patriots have fans blogging on their site, but they have no team blog per se. The same applies to the Baltimore Ravens.

If you want to visit the Chicago Bears‘ blog,  you are out of luck; the image below shows the blog has been taken offline.


The Chicago Bears’ Blog is closed

Also of interest are the Pittsburgh Steelers. The NFL website links to, but once you arrive there, you get redirected to the Steelers’ webshop. Not that amusing if a fan is looking for the team blog (see below).


I would like to see the blog, not shop!

Other teams just stopped blogging, such as the Atlanta Falcons (no new blog entry since 2013).

From broadcasting to engagement

Everybody wants engagement, but in some cases blogs don’t get it. In other words, not all of the ranked blogs get their readers to write a comment or two, so there’s hardly a conversation worth talking about on any NFL blog.

Most importantly, last year’s number 1, the Buffallo Bills, dropped to 13 for 2015. Plus, the Green Bay Packers have moved up from number 7 to 3 this year.

Top 10 NFL Blogs – early January 2015

Of course, even with a website instead of a blog, we need to watch the total-time-reading or TTR of those visitors. That will be a problem at the moment since all visitors currently get a popup ad encouraging them to buy when visiting each team’s website.


Even if one clicks on the ad and not the X in the upper right corner, one ends up at the page shown below. This looks the same for all teams.


Click out of all these things and you get a big surprise. For starters, instead of getting to the Patriots’ blog, you have to navigate a nearly-impossible maze. Usability was not the NFL’s foremost concern when these things were moved from WordPress to the current system.

Besides usability concerns, the blog entries are not written by anybody from the organisation. These are community members who post, or columns from the NFL’s main site and elsewhere. Accordingly, if there were a conversation on the Patriots blog, it would be from fans to fans not team to fans and vice versa.

These authors are not part of our team - so they do not have the inside scoop!

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Tips for the 2015-2016 Season Super Bowl Teams

In case your NFL team is considering starting a blog in the not-so-distant future, they should keep these three things in mind:

[su_box title=”Football bloggers: Ropes to Skip” box_color=”#ff9900″ title_color=”#ffffff”]

1. The NFL needs to learn what a conversation is. Claiming 50 or 70 million people ‘joined the conversation’ during the Super Bowl game is one thing. Having a conversation is something else.

2. Dialogue is not monologue. Accordingly, if only a few share your team’s content on Facebook or Twitter, how do you know that anybody cares about it? Total-time-reading is what matters. Unfortunately, it looks like most viewers just glance around and leave the site without reading at all. Is that being attentative?

3. Forget the community blogs on NFL teams’ websites. Have a REAL team blog on your website. Also, drop the current blogging mock-up software and replace it with the real stuff – WordPress – as used before. Nobody can figure out why most teams dropped it. Fans are eager to hear from players directly. As an NFL team, it’s about time that you join the conversation and start being authentic.

Do you agree with these points? Write a comment below to have your say, and please join the conversation!


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Please: I am asking for your help

1. Who is your favourite American football blogger? Let us know in the comments below!
2. Do you read an NFL blog that stimulates great engagement?

Thanks so much for being willing to share your insights!

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Here is the complete list of the Top 100 American Football blogs from DrKPI.


Have we joined the conversation?

Interesting is that American fans are less likely to join a conversation on a blog with content about American Football than their German counterparts (see image below). The same applies, albeit to a lesser degree, to Canadian fans. They are more willing to discuss issues on a blog about football than US fans.


German fans are more likely to join the conversation on a blog about American Football than their US counterparts.

Are we sharing this blog content?

What about social sharing? Remember, giving something a Like or re-posting it on Facebook – it only takes a few seconds. As our data reveal, Brazilian fans are currently most likely to share content about American Football from blogs on social networks. Spanish fans follow.

While this suggests that the audience goes beyond North America, for all practical purposes, sharing in other markets is non-existent as far as blog content is concerned.

Please comment, how do you see this matter of sharing?


Who shares American Football content the most on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.?