Danyele Boland Co-founder of Vault Security Systems AG

In December, we gave you insights into the #iVAULT blockchain, the new brand by Vault Security Systems AG, and the DrKPI production of the first three videos for iVAULT.

Now, we are happy to provide you with an update, available on YouTube, which is an additional clip to introduce you to Danyele Boland. She is the co-founder of Vault Security Systems AG (VSSAG) and as passionate about her business as the rest of the team.

If you need to know more about iVault or the minds behind this idea, read more here:

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Danyele Boland: „Why I am involved“

iVAULT is a global network for users to register assets, such as lost or stolen property, to search for and identify them on a blockchain. These items can be anything of value to the individual user of the iVAULT blockchain. Companies and businesses, on the other hand, can protect their supply chain against counterfeits and contraband.

Working with Danyele was a special treat. She is a charismatic and intelligent speaker, and it did not take us long to get some great shots, even though she had just arrived from the US.

With years of experience in international sales, human resource management, logistics, and much more, she is an irreplaceable part of the VSSAG team.

In her video, Danyele recalls when Arman Sarhaddar told her about his storage unit getting robbed. He lost some of his most valued belongings. This is how they got the idea to create a platform to secure physical assets such as luxury watches, pieces of art or jewellery, or anything else that is of some value to its owner.

Gain more insights on her perspective and what she tells us about blockchain technology here:


What’s your opinion?

iVAULT is the first global network to use blockchain technology for registering and identifying assets (such as lost items or stolen goods). It lets users register their items on the blockchain, search for, and identify them.

So, what do you think?

  • Have you ever used a blockchain?
  • Do you want to try iVAULT, or do you still have some concerns?
  • Have you ever had a problem iVAULT would have immediately solved? You lost something of great value or bought a fake product? It must have been very upsetting. Tell us about it, we’d like to hear your story.

Join in the discussion and leave a comment. We will respond soon.

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4 Kommentare
  1. Danyele Boland
    Danyele Boland sagte:

    It was such a pleasure to share my insights about co-founding Vault Security Systems.
    We look forward to helping everyone „protect what’s yours“ by implementing Blockchain technology that’s easy to use and accessible to all.

    • Patrizia Sinistra
      Patrizia Sinistra sagte:

      Thank you, Danyele for your comment. I am glad, we had the chance to make this video. The shooting was so much fun! It was a pleasure to work with you and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.


  2. Desirée Graf
    Desirée Graf sagte:

    Dear Patrizia
    Great article and well done on the video, as well.
    Danyele Boland is truly an engaging and charismatic speaker to listen to.
    Protecting ones personal, most prized possessions against theft
    and counterfeit using blockchain technology is a marvelous idea
    and I look forward to learning more about iVAULT in the future!

    • Patrizia Sinistra
      Patrizia Sinistra sagte:

      Dear Desirée
      thank you for your kind comment!

      The people from iVAULT truly amazed me, as well as their futuristic idea, which will make a huge difference when it comes to protecting one’s personal belongings. I think everyone will agree, because we all have something that is of great value to us.

      For successful businesses, who have developed products of high quality and a good reputation which they have earned over 50 or 100 or even more years of work, iVAULT is the perfect solution to protect their supply chain against cheaply reproduced fake products which hurt their reputation and the name of the brand.

      There will be more updates soon, so stay tuned.


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